A True Entrepreneur- Upasana Makati!

Entrepreneurship is not only a means of making money, True entrepreneur always have humanity in the core of his/her idea, A Person who mixes profit with the social revolution…for the benefit of mankind…for the advantage of less-privileged. Someone has said it rightly that “True entrepreneurs find worth in the worthless and possibility in the impossible”

July 14, 2013, when I read about a new Young Entrepreneur who touched my heart- Upasana Makati!


She has come up with India’s first English lifestyle magazine in Braille. In a bid to reach out to the visually impaired population of India, Upasana Makati decided to launch White Print, an English lifestyle magazine in Braille.

Talking about the new initiative, Upasana Makati, founder and publisher, White Print, says, “India is home to 12 million visually impaired people, of which 56 lakh are literate. White Print is an initiative born to cater to the needs of the visually impaired community. Despite being a lifestyle magazine, we have incorporated a political column since none of our lives is complete without politics. Also, to add a literary touch to the magazine, we have a short story section for the readers. On the whole, White Print aspires to be a complete product that could be read by anyone from a college student to a working adult.”


White Print, India’s first lifestyle magazine in Braille,  will be a source of both education and entertainment for the visually impaired.

To be printed by the National Association for the Blind (NAB), Mumbai, the magazine in English will have inspiring stories of the common man, review of audio books, gadgets, travel, hospitality and food related columns.

We truly appreciate and congratulate Upasana Makati on her Initiative! All the best 🙂

Stay Sparked….

Kanchan Chadha




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