2 Simple Techniques to reach your Goal!

We all talk about the importance of having Goals in some or the other point in our lives, we feel motivated after talking about it or may be after listening to a motivational speech or watching an inspiring movie but what happens after some times, the balloon which was full of energy and enthusiasm starts deflating. Right?

So what’s the use of making concrete Goals if we can’t stay motivated? Today I’m going to give you two strongest techniques which helped thousands of people across the world to realize their Goals, which kept them moving, running towards their Goals until reached. I call this technique “RV” – Reminding and Visualizing…

But before we move ahead, I would like to tell that there is a prerequisite for this technique and that is strong urge or willingness to reach your Goal.


Let’s talk about “R” i.e. Reminding.

If I ask you names of five soaps or shampoos, you would generally give most famous names irrespective of quality or other criteria because these are the names you have mostly heard or seen in advertisements may be 10 times a day or 20 times a day or less or more. Am I right?

So what all these marketing companies are doing…They are just reminding you again and again about their products…they use creative ads, catchy songs or symbols which stays in your mind longer and you feel trying their products and finally end up buying them.

So the term “Reminding” suggests to make your own advertisement for yourself to keep your Goal in your mind all the time. So what we need to do is we just need to write a short name for our Goal or we may try to give it a code name just to make it understandable for you only and paste these small chits in all the places where you frequently visit or the things you use. Like in your washroom, in your almirah, in your Bag, on your Pen too…Just find your own creative ways to keep it in front of your eyes and I’m telling you it will be in your mind after few days.

Did it ever happened with you ever that if you listen to a song in the morning, it stays with you the whole day and you keep on singing it involuntary..Right? So we also need to do the same with our Goal, Just give 2 minutes in the morning to remind about your Goal. Think…..how far you have come….congratulate yourself…say thanks to God and try to see what you need to do today to get closer to your dream and I’m sure this thought will stay with you the whole day involuntary.

Now let’s talk about the second important alphabet “V” i.e. “Visualization” or you may say “Day-dreaming”.

Day dreaming is the key to success…I strongly believe in it as my life is nothing more than what I always dreamed of so now I have started dreaming more and more. So, now I’m more focused and choosy on what I really want…Some of you might not believe this statement, In fact this particular post is especially for all those people who says that day-dreaming is a waste of time.

I believe that whatever you want to become in your life…you’ll first have to first Dream about it!

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso

Visualization is nothing but simply a mental rehearsal. You create images in your mind of your having or doing whatever it is you want. You repeat these images over and over again.

Have you ever thought that whenever you sleep in bad mood or negative feelings, next morning you again feel negative or frustrated because your subconscious mind is working 24/7. So do not let negative thoughts spoils your life. Think positive in the night and push snooze button before you get up in the morning to keep your eyes close and visualize how you will spend your entire day. It will give you the positivity and energy that will keep you moving the whole day cheerfully.

Our mind is a strong tool so we should always choose about what we think and what we see…what kind of images we create in our mind.

One of the greatest exponents of visualization, who coincidentally was known as The Greatest, was Muhammad Ali, the former World Heavyweight Boxing champion. Ali called this visualization ‘future history’. He said: ‘The man with no imagination has no wings.’ He always rehearsed the fight in his head, over and over, before he ever stepped into the ring. Before a fight, Ali would focus intensely on visualizing how he will take on his opponent in the ring move by move, round by round. When Ali is clear how he would defeat his opponent, he would call a press conference and confidently announce in which round and how he would win the fight. Ali’s predictions were no empty boats as they invariably come true.

That’s one of the reasons why out of the 19 fights in which he predicted the outcome, 17 happened exactly the way Ali said they would with him winning.

In your five-minute practice, you use your imagination to see yourself being successful, closing the deal, having the relationship, healing the illness—whatever the goal is that you wish to manifest. The key to remember when visualizing is to always visualize that you already have the thing you want. This is a mental trick. You don’t hope you’ll achieve it, or build confidence that some day it will happen. No, with the visualization technique you “live and feel it” as if it is happening to you now. Now on one level you know this is just a mental trick, but here is an important truth to understand. The subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. Your subconscious will act upon the images you create within, regardless of whether those images reflect your current reality or not.

“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something deep inside them: a desire, a dream, a vision.”- Muhammad Ali

Keep Reminding…Keep Visualising

Kanchan Chadha


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