Succces Mantra: Be True to yourself!

There are times when you feel frustrated, there are times you feel that something is wrong, something needs to be fixed, you feel that you’re not made for what you’re doing…That’s exactly when you need to reflect within yourself and try to read yourself deeply. 

I strongly believe that God has blessed every human being with some unique quality which he should nurture further to be the expert in that certain area. First and foremost, we should understand and accept our uniqueness.



Time to time our life gives us hints and clues to help us make out where we can grow better…where we can excel. It comes in our way many times but we as human being mostly avoid the same considering we do not want to come out of our comfort zone, we do not want to take risks, we are more attracted towards titles/designations rather than what we really are!

Take any Successful person for instance and try to see what he did in his life to be successful. One thing he would have done for sure and that is following one’s heart. You can be anything what you really believe. You can be a great communicator, an entrepreneur, a Politician, a great Cook, a creative writer and anything that you really want to be. 

It’s high time you need to stop pleasing others, stop living others expectations. You can’t be a great doctor even if you study for 10 years but do not have a desire to do so. I remember the great dialogue from bollywood Movie “3 idiots” – “Success ke peeche mat bhago, Kabil bano, Success jhak maar ke tumhare peeche aayegi” (Don’t run after Success, be talented and success will follow you).

Don’t just work, do something meaningful.

Don’t compare yourself to others as you are different, you have your own style, your own uniqueness which none has. Embrace yourself..Be comfortable in your own skin…Love yourself…

Be Yourself..Everyone else is already taken – Oscar Wilde

Stay loved..Stay Blessed

Kanchan Chadha




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