Goal is the false medicine!

Rightly said by Mr. J Krishnamurti, the great philosopher “We all want to be famous people, and the moment we want to be something, we are no longer free“.

Let’s first understand Goals…in general words we say that we have something in our mind that we want to achieve..We might want to become a doctor, engineer, politician, businessman, designer or may be something else.

Now, Why we want to achieve something? Most people for Money, Status, Comfort, Security etc etc…and some (very less) want to do something because they will be satisfied or happy by getting that. Right?

Let’s think once again, are we really going to be happy when we’ll get all these? Are these things or positions can really satisfy us or it’s what we think that it will satisfy us? Here the irony is that we are trying to make our future happy…Let me repeat, we are trying to make our future happy…. Is today not our future according to our past??? Re-think about this statement…Is today not our future according to our past? Then why we are not happy now…and what’s the guarantee that we will be happy in next 5 years…10 years…..15 years down the line? Ask from yourself…

Goal is something you plan for future…and what’s the guarantee you’ll see the future? You make goals when you’re frustrated or unhappy or lonely or you compare your social life to others. That means, you are hurt at this moment and you are planning to take a medicine 5 years later…What a joke…that’s why we say “Goal is the false medicine”…it will never be cured..it will give you another goal to chase.

Why not be happy in the present moment….Present is the gift… Do what you love…do what your inner self is crying for…do what you feel passionate about and work will no longer be work… Life will become worth living..You’ll never bother to look at the watch as you’ll be in a deep and intent action of loving your true self and it will certainly flows from you. You’ll have no time to compare yourself with others as you’ll be busy in loving your work.

One of the keys to greatness is finding a way to do something you love to do, not just something that’s ‘safe’ to do. Many people have experienced a high level of achievement but are stuck in professions they hate. What kind of sense does that make? None. High achievement without fulfillment is a broken way of life. – A I Duncan

Stay loving…Stay Passionate

Kanchan Chadha


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