JOB – Joy Of Being!

December 2, 2013, I finally decided to leave my job from a highly reputed fashion education institute where in you generally get all the leisure of two weekend offs, summer and winter breaks and other good number of gazetted holidays. Who would want to leave an organisation where you draw a good enough salary, easy commutation, good number of leaves, big Branding, great infrastructure…I also didn’t think that way when joined.

Just after few months, I felt that I’m not going the right way. This is not what is meant for me. My creativity and intelligence is of no use if I stay here and become greedy of having a job where I can get all the comfort but not happiness. I spoke to many, tried to understand my strengths, started working on myself, started working as a Trainer in an NGO for free and finally I discussed with my family about my decision of leaving job and pursuing my dream career – Training & Development.


I placed my notice period of a month in my company and started research. I didn’t have anything concrete but I had full faith on my strong desire which helped me to take this risk of sitting home for around 20 days after I left my company.

In next 20 days, I started receiving calls, went to many places for Interview, failed many times, kept on studying, working hard and smart on my skills. Finally I got one project of NSDC, where I worked with full energy and enthusiasm which helped me to get further projects and blocked my dates completely for 2 months. 

Starting from nowhere and standing straight with complete faith gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. More than that when I see  in the eyes of my student where I felt a huge transformation at the end of the training project, the way they all were dressed, the confidence and smiles on their faces made me feel….I have succeeded.

So why this story? Why am I telling about myself? 

Just want to ask you “Do you have a JOB – “Joy Of Being”?

People do jobs, people do business, people make money, buy luxurious cars, smartphones and all the comfort of the world…but question is still the same “Are you HAPPY”?

My journey just started…I was sailing on a wrong boat till date. Are you on the right boat?

Stay Confident…Stay Faithful

Kanchan Chadha

(Please share your comments/likes/dislikes below. It would certainly help me to improve)


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